Danna Curran

Danna Curran has shown a knack for landing in the right place at the right time. Danna wrote her first freelance story at age 16. It was crafted in poetic form. This story was picked up by the Capitol Courier. For awhile she wrote a very humorous column aimed at the romantic readers for the paper. She traveled to the Philippines on assignment which led to a post as the editor of the local paper.

Returning to the US, Danna began a career as a mechanical editor. She lectured on the college circuit and helped to craft young adults into aspiring writers. In 2003, Danna began a career as a freelance editor making her services available to individual writers giving them the advantage of a polished manuscript. She continues to write her own work today and has several pieces published. Her latest book is The Shortcut: 20 Stories To Get You From Here To There. ISBN-13: 978-1-4243-2797-3

In her spare time, which as an editor she seems to have little of, she enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, making crafts and reading. She is also known to hobnob with celebrities. Danna is available to speak to groups of educators, journalists, parents and others.

You can contact her at dannacurran@yahoo.com

The Shortcut:
20 Stories To Get You From Here To There

ISBN: 978-1-4243-2797-3
The Shortcut reached No. 2 on Amazon.com’s Best Seller List yesterday January 19, 2007. This is my first book and I am thrilled.

This compilation is published by Author Identity.


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I don’t look at you as just my mother
But a very special friend
Whenever I have a problem
A hand you’re always willing to lend
All the times I needed someone to talk to
I always came to you
Even if I was just feeling lonely
You’re more than willing to listen
You have tried your best to show me you care
And words were not required for me to hear
We are thousands of miles apart
But I still feel your love
At night I try to picture your face when I look at the stars above
Mother I love you more than you know
And more than I could ever show you…..


Excerpt from Love Is
By Danna Curran
Reprinted with permission from The Capitol Courier March 1998

What is LOVE? What is this basic emotion so simple but yet so complex? Is love an antidote to the pains of everyday existence in a jungle where human feelings have long ceased to have meaning? A quiet togetherness in our private world amidst the public display of empty hearts? Or an hour in the park sharing a can of soda and watching sunsets? Can it be this and more?
Love is the momentum that moves us farther than we can ever envision. It is to nurse a self-consuming feeling of wanting to be near, with the impatience of time and distance. It is to experience a sense of imprisonment where there are no walls, no chains, no bars. Love is showing one’s best effort. To learn languages other than the alphabet, to communicate without a sound like the wind on a spring day. It is to be incapable of saying the rehearsed dialogues, the practiced lies. Sometimes love means to suffer because we want to. Truly the most happy people are those who give love without counting the cost.